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Smoke Billowing Over Neighborhood

(Original Caption) Smoke billows over rowhouses in the West Philadelphia after the police bombed the home of the radical African American organization MOVE during a standoff. Police on horseback and emergency vehicles block off a street as residents walk towards the scene.

Burnt City Blocks

(Original Caption) 5/14/1985-Philadelphia, PA- The three blocks on either side of Osage Street in Philadelphia are burnt to the ground as a result of a shootout and bombing during a police confrontation with MOVE.


Philadelphia Police in Bombed Neighborhood

(Original Caption) Several Philadelphia police officers stroll through the West Philadelphia neighborhood destroyed by the bombing of the MOVE headquarters. The police and radical African American organization MOVE faced off, until the police bombed the group's house.

MOVE Protesters Holding Placards

(Original Caption) 5/13/1986-Philadelphia, PA- Relatives and supporters of the radical back-to-nature group MOVE conduct an anniversary march through the Osage street neighborhood, one year to the day after police bombed a MOVE house, destroying 61 homes and killing 11 MOVE members.


Mourners Giving Black Power Salute

(Original Caption) Mourners of MOVE members killed in the bombing by the Philadelphia Police stand in front of their former headquarters. They raise their arms with the Black Power salute as the funeral procession for leader John Africa passes..