Tammy Brown


Dr. Tammy Brown is an interdisciplinary scholar and artist with teaching and research interests in U.S. History, African Diaspora, Feminism, and Art as Activism.


Dr. Brown's teaching, writing, and service to Miami University and broader communities are connected through her interest in art, technology and biography as a methodological approach.

Tammy Brown's book City of Islands: Caribbean Intellectuals in New York (University Mississippi Press, 2015) explores how black immigrants leveraged African diasporic identities to combat racism and push the reform of American democracy during four political movements: the era of racial uplift, anti-colonialism, the civil rights movement, and third-wave feminism. City of Islands is among the few works to analyze the gendered dimensions of Caribbean intellectualism, from the overwhelmingly male religious and political leadership of the early twentieth century to the advent of Caribbean women artists-activists who fought for civil rights and women's empowerment at the mid-century mark.

Dr. Brown's second book project is a biography of Rock N Roll virtuoso Jimi Hendrix—centering on the spiritual dimensions of his work. This research was the basis for Brown's keynote lecture titled "Art is a Weapon for Social Change," which she delivered at the TEDx conference (Technology, Education and Design) in Cincinnati.